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VOIP & Security Installation & Service

VOIP Installation

The best way to save big on your telephone costs is to move from hard wire to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). Plus, anyone who has tried to port phone numbers from one of the big phone providers to an internet-based system knows the maze of steps involved, not to mention the time it takes the phone company to begin to pay attention to your smaller business.

Let us handle the process for you. Our experience and inside contacts help to move the process along and keep you doing what you do best – working at your business.

Security Systems


For remote monitoring, prevent theft, crime prevention

  • CCTV – Closed Circuit TV, video on a closed network, 24 recording to a NVR (network video recorder (function of hard drive space)) or VHS
  • IPCams – Transmit video real time, motion-activated recording or notification, access archive videos via NVR (function of hard drive space)

Card Access Systems

  • Record entrance and exits
  • Monitor and notification of restricted access areas
  • Searchable archive logs


We were hired by our client in the aerospace industry to make their facility DOD compliant. In addition to high level IT security, they needed to monitor egress points and secured area access such as the warehouse, server room and loading docks. Instead of hiring a guard, they opted for a card access system and IPCam security.

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